Pitt Addington Marsh, BC

Pitt Addington Marsh, BC

Although I’ve never been one for exploring marshes, which is odd because there is truly a lot to see and explore, I decided to check out Pitt Addington Marsh near Pitt Lake.

IMG_1389aAlong the side of the road to Pitt Lake, several geese were hanging out.  But, what really caught my attention was seeing this light coloured goose. 

As my car was approaching the group of 4, 3 of them leaped up and flew off.  This light coloured one eventually did the same thing, but it flew beside my car for 1/2 km.  I really lucked out with my camera in hand. 


Even though its much cooler and windier today, it didn’t stop me from exploring a new area and taking advantage of some great photo opportunities.  

Check them out here – A Visual Experience  


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