Power Outage & Meeting People

Power Outage & Meeting People

Part 2 of 2

Sunday morning came and the power outage was still here.  That’s ok, because I usually head to a coffee shop first thing, where I write my blog, send emails, and chat with the locals. 

The coffee shop line up was packed with others who are experiencing the outage, and its the talk of the day.  Listening to some, I rolled my eyes because you’d think that Hurricane Katrina hit us and now we’re all doomed.  As I was thinking that, one elderly lady, who was quite devastated, stated a matter of fact , “This is just like Hurricane Katrina.  We have no power”.   Seriously?!   This is a power outage, nothing more. The rain stopped several hours ago.  It’s not like you’re trapped. This is just like every day… but without electricity in one particular area.  It’s a Sunday, isn’t Sunday suppose to be a day of rest anyway?  Rest people, it’s going to be ok

Could you image if the coffee shop was affected?  What would she and others with her mentally do?  Geez people, get a grip on reality. I really hate stupid people and I was quite surprised that an elderly lady would say such a thing.  Has she not experienced a power outage of any kind before?  

Being at the packed coffee shop with very little room to sit, I asked an older couple if I could join them, which they were more than happy to have my company.  (Well, who wouldn’t?! 😉 )  We chatted and shared a few stories.  I found out that they were originally from Edmonton but relocated here.   It was nice to share a few laughs and smiles with strangers.  It’s too bad most people are too wrapped up in their own little world to realize that some life experiences are best shared with strangers. 

Next time you’re out at a busy place….don’t pout, huff and be disappointed there is no where to sit……Do what I do….smile and ask to join someone or a group at a table, exchange pleasantries and go from there.  I really enjoy meeting people and this approach is the easiest to do….I’ve met so many interesting people.

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