Purge those Possessions – 2016

Purge those Possessions – 2016

Living the minimalist lifestyle definitely has its advantages. It’s not the sole way of living, but its a lifestyle I enjoy because I never have to worry about “things, stuff, materialistic stuff”. I’m free from being held down by material items. I’m free to be me!

How do you let go of your acquired empire? What do you do with your accumulated mass of possessions? What about those sentimental items? You have to take a good hard look at what is important to you. Sometimes what you see as being important is really not that important in the grand scheme of things. The sentimental items are a tough one. Try giving them to a relative for safe keeping. I can’t tell you what is and what is not important, that’s a question you have to sit back and truthfully ask yourself.

Take a weekend to purge your possessions and see what happens. You might find yourself purging for a few weekends. When you do, let me know the outcome!

What are your thoughts?

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