Remember this game?

Remember this game?

If you’ve read any of my other blogs about “George”, you know that “George” is just a name I use to protect the identity of the real person……it this case, I’m not going to protect this person’s identity, bwahaha! 

His name is Dylan!  He is the son of “George”. 

Dylan is a 17year old kid who is a little on the smaller side for his age,  a bit on the quieter side, a little timid.   All great character traits for someone like me to work with at his expense….err…. I mean…. to bring out the best in him.

It was about 2 weeks since I last saw Dylan, so when he did show up, he had two black eyes!  I did what anyone would do, I asked and then filled in the answer for him… front of a group of people of course.  “Holy crap, what the heck happened to you?  Did that little 8 year old girl down the block pin you down and play that game with you, “Stop hitting yourself Dylan! Stop hitting yourself Dylan!””

Dylan laughed, put his head down, sighed, turned around and walked away.  Poor kid, no self-esteem …. good thing I’m here to boost him up a little.

….He’s a great kid and is very respectful. 

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