The road between Banff and Jasper – Hwy 93

The road between Banff and Jasper – Hwy 93

The road between Banff and Jasper, highway 93, is filled with all kinds of visually stimulating sights. Everything from the green emerald glacier filled lakes, waterfalls, snow peak mountain tops within arms reach, glaciers, and the abundance of wildlife.

At one stop, I could noticed something up in the mountain, but it was too far to distinguish exactly what it was. Zoom lens in hand….

It ended up being a German Military Exercise taking place….


And then I came across the Athabasca Ice Fields … If you decide not to go by tour bus, there’s a 5 km walk from the parking lot to the ice fields.

I had been in shorts and a t-shirt because it was pretty warm out, but half way to the ice fields the temperature immediately drops…sigh…. I should have brought a jacket for the walk. In the distance you can see the tundra buses filled with tourists up on the ice. 


Not to far from the ice fields and right long the highway is Tangle Creek Waterfalls! A little cold on the back of the head! Ya, I had to stick my head in. Very refreshing. 


Continue to make my way to Jasper, but just before you get there on Hwy 93, there is a “Wildlife & Mountain Goats” View area. Not more than 20 feet away from the sign….. 2 adults and 2 baby goats putting on a show for the 20 or so tourist. The young goats would get a burst of energy, jumping up and kicking out their hind legs.

I was planning to stop in Jasper for the night, but when I arrived shortly after 7:00pm…. it was packed with tourists! I didn’t think tourist would be arriving for a few more days when school was officially out for the summer. Nope, I was wrong. Bus loads of people, RV’s, camper…everywhere. So I decided to carry on through. 



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