Sesame Street

Sesame Street


It was a pretty hot day and I just couldn’t cool off and now it was my turn to approach the Border Guard.

This is how it played out:

Border Guard is thinking, “This guy is sweating pretty good, he must be up to something no good.  Good thing I have my gun ready.”

Jayson is thinking, “I can’t stop sweating, it’s dripping down the side of my head, down my face. This is embarrassing.  I hope he doesn’t think I’m up to no good and has his gun in the ready position. (pauses)  Oh man, now I’m sweating even more because now I’m making myself nervous.”

Border Guard thinking, “Oh ya, he’s sweating even more.  He’s up to something.”

Jayson is thinking, “This has got to be the longest entrance ever! And why do I have to drive so slow?  They do it on purpose to make you nervous…geez, this is not helping either.”

Border Guard thinking, “He’s obeying the speed limit, driving cautiously, both hands on the steering wheel…keeps rubbing the sweat off this forehead…oh ya, he’s nervous about something.”

It was at this point I pulled up to the ciaos window, smiled (really cool like), with a bird on my shoulder, sweating.

Border Guard then asks to see my passport.  Oh man, I forgot to have it ready…this was not good.  I locate my passport and he asks tons of questions and fills out The Yellow Slip.

The Yellow Slip and my passport are handed to me with his instructions to attend inside the building.  Well now I’m super nervous.

I attend inside the building and was greeted by Bert from Sesame Street.  She looked just like Bert and Ernie.  She had Bert’s frustrated / upset look…eyebrows slanted.  Yup, she totally hates me. 

I tried to ease the tension by giving her a friendly smile and then out of nowhere I gave my impression of Ernie laughing….Holy Crap!, where the heck did that come from!?…I thought for sure the firing squad would jump out from behind the desk.  I cleared my throat, “cough, cough”, to cover my tracks.

“I hate my work Bert” asked me a few questions and then I was allowed to carry on with my journey.

As I was walking out the door, I turned to look at her one more time.  I thought I saw one eyebrow flinch, but nope, there was nothing…just angry Bert staring at me.


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