So peaceful…until….

So peaceful…until….

IMG_2699aOn my way to the park, I came across this building.  Can anyone guess where you may have seen this building?

It’s the Bates Motel, actually its the movie prop for when they film in Langley BC.  I would have loved to get a closer look, but security prevented that from happening.

IMG_2705aI really enjoy waking up early and going for a morning walk.  It’s very refreshing & peaceful under the canopy of green leaves.

 I checked out Aldergrove Park this morning and captured a few of mother nature’s habitants soaking in the morning dew & sunshine….

Everything was so peaceful until a bug decided to go  suicidal and fly down my throat, UGH!  It’s the grossest feeling as your trying to toss it back up, but you can feel it crawling down…. geez!  From birds singing their morning songs….to Jayson’s manly gagging sounds of tossing his cookies….aaauu….the sounds of morning glory. 

More photos – A Visual Experience

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