Solo Travelling or Groups?

Solo Travelling or Groups?

What do you prefer? …. and Why?

a) Solo Traveling?
b) Travel with a Partner?
c) Groups of People?

My random thoughts…..

There are pro’s and con’s to each, however, I would much rather travel with a significant person in my life. I would choose “b” because its so much more enjoyable to share the adventure and its memories with someone special. Don’t get me wrong, if I had a good friend (male or female) who had the same adventurous attitude, capabilities and ideas as myself, it would make for a great trip!

Since I don’t have someone significant in my life at the moment, I much prefer traveling by myself than in groups.

As a solo traveller, I get to do whatever I want, come and go whenever and wherever.  It’s a feeling of freedom with no obligations.  As a result, I’ve had more opportunities to meet so many more amazing people, locals and other travellers.  The experiences have been great!

In group settings, you tend to stick to your group and do what the group decides, rarely conversing with the locals who have nothing to do with the tourism industry…..and there is usually an itinerary.  A lot of people need structure, concrete plans and an itinerary when travelling….ya, that’s not for me. I enjoy doing my own thing more often than not.

What’s your opinion?

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