Standing under Big Sky… and… Oooh, there it is!

Standing under Big Sky… and… Oooh, there it is!

One of the first things I noticed when I crossed over from the mountains and into the rolling hills and flat lands of the prairie provinces was the vastness of the Big Sky.

Big Sky is the reference used to describe your eyes perspective of the miles and miles of sky that surrounds you in all directions. It was something I hadn’t realized I missed until I stood there. It was amazing and beautiful.

As I continued driving, all of a sudden it hit me… “Oooh there it is! Yup, didn’t miss that.”. The pure nose cringing smell of dead skunk that glues itself to your nose hairs for a few minutes.

At one point, you know that big white “X” on the road way, just before a set of railway tracks?  Dead (no pun intended) center was a roadkill skunk.  This was pure coincidence (or someone was playing a sick joke.) … Just sharing with you some of the things I have come across. 

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