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De Ja Vue? Worm Hole? Time Warp? Geez…

De Ja Vue? Worm Hole? Time Warp? Geez…

As you’re traveling on Hwy 3 between Hope BC and Lethbridge AB, you’ll notice that its a slow drive but a very beautiful scenic route that passes through several character towns. This section is 997 km and has definitely made it onto My Top Favourite Routes to Drive.

So here’s what happened…

As I continued to soak in and observe my surroundings, a highway sign indicated that the town of Moyie BC was coming up. Good to know.

Not paying much more attention, other than knowing I was entering Moyie, I continued my way through the small town.

Once out of the Moyie and still driving eastbound, I was enjoying the views and that’s when I came across a highway sign, indicating that Moyie was 2 km ahead.

Huh?! Did I not just pass that sign awhile ago? Did I not just drive through Moyie? Did I somehow get turned around? But I haven’t made any turns? What the heck?

My mind was racing for an explanation because I just couldn’t figure it out. And who would believe me? De Ja Vue? Worm Hole? Time Warp?

Now my eyes and attention are totally focused on “Moyie”, looking for other similarities that I had seen.

As I entered Moyie, another sign stated, “Historic Moyie”. Geez… This small town I had just entered was the original Moyie.

Sigh…. That was 2 km of my life’s reality being questioned.

So if you’re driving down Hwy 3, you’ll come across Moyie…you’ll come across Moyie…. again.

Cruise Ship makes a rare appearance in Port Hardy

Cruise Ship makes a rare appearance in Port Hardy

When something unusual happens in the a quiet little town of 4000 people along the the north east side of Vancouver island, people are quick to find out.

Early during the day, I had asked a friend if by chance any cruise ships have entered into the harbour. Unfortunately, the only time a cruise ship makes a stop here is for a medical emergency, either for staff or their customers. So its very rare for a cruise ship to end up in Port Hardy. 

Well, later that day, guess what shows up in the harbour? A cruise ship had to make a medical emergency stop for one of its customers. The coast guard escorted the cruise ship’s tender to the awaiting ambulance.

Even with the “action” going on, it was neat to observe a Cruise Ship in this quaint little town’s harbour.

The ship’s tenders are kept in the middle of the ship and lowered by the crane…

Once the ambulance left with the patient, it wasn’t much longer when the Cruise Ship continued on it’s way…

More Photos from today – A Visual Experience 

side note:  It was very cool to see that the local newspaper – North Island Gazette  had used a couple of my photos from this incident in their articles.  

Amazing Marine Life: Difference between High & Low Tide

Amazing Marine Life: Difference between High & Low Tide

When low tide hits, marine life is revealed and is pretty amazing!

Firstly, let me give you a little perspective with High vs. Low Tide in Port Hardy BC.  Here is the same light beacon during High and then Low Tide.

…here’s High Tide

… here’s Low Tide. 

When low tide hits, it brings out the neighbours and tourists to examine the marine life that was once hidden below the ocean waves….

On this particular day, I met Liv and her family who live in the area and were more than happy to show me some of the amazing starfish.  It was also a great way to start the day because it was Liv’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Liv!

More photos from today – A Visual Experience




15,202km to go: I’m at “Mile 0” in Lund BC

15,202km to go: I’m at “Mile 0” in Lund BC

Lund, BC, 101, hwy, Marker 0Marker “Mile 0” – Lund BC

Ok, this wasn’t planned. I knew absolutely nothing about Lund. In fact, I was in Powell River for the weekend to explore and do a little hiking. It wasn’t until I was near the marker that I had discovered where & what it all meant.

“Mile 0” marker is the beginning or end, depending where you start, of highway 101, of the Pacific Coastal Hwy, which is one of the longest highways in the world! It takes you directly south, 15,202km, to Quellon Chile.

hmmm… 15,200km? … Pacicfic Coastal hwy?…. Canada to Chile?…. this certainly screams “Adventure!” … That would be so awesome! Before I get carried way… ugh… too late, my mind is racing with ideas! Who wants to join me!?!

The marker also contains a Time Capsule, which won’t be revealed until, if the marker is ever disassembled.

Back in Powell River…

This is so cool!

These ships are all concrete ships that were built during WWI and II, and the only 10 that are known to still be afloat! Yes, these things are floating, forming a massive floating breakwater on the Malaspina Strait in the city of Powell River, BC. There is only one WWI concrete floating ship and its here somewhere, I just don’t know which one it is. But very cool!

Hiking Trail… I had to snicker and give myself a slap 1/2 way through this hike.

While going through this trail, I was a little ticked that there was all this old / new logging equipment littered throughout the trail. It kinda ruins the “nature hike”.   But then I realized…. it wasn’t littered construction equipment after all, it was placed there as part of Powell River’s Logging History….. ugh! I could have taken so many more photos of this unique trail and the history here!

More Photos from this Adventure – A Visual Experience 

Through my own actions I hope to inspire & encourage others to get out, explore and discover the beauty that is all around.
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Bridal Veil Falls BC

Bridal Veil Falls BC


IMG_2800aLocated near Chiliwack BC, it’s a nice short, but steep up climb from the parking lot to the falls.

Sticking my head under the waterfall was cool and refreshing!  Next time I’ll remember to hold breath first…..yum, tasty. 

I recommend you wear shoes you don’t mind getting wet because there are several streams you can cross if you’re interested in gaining a few different points of view of the falls. Otherwise stay on the main trail and you’ll still get the mist, depending how close you want to get to the falls of course.

More photos of the waterfalls and surrounding area – A Visual Experience


Granville Island in Vancouver, BC

Granville Island in Vancouver, BC

Granville Island….its history dates back to 1886, where it’s seen its fair share of Up’s and Down’s, which included land disputes, fires, successful and not-so successful saw mills, squatters, a typhoid scare, murder, and more.  More on the history here – Granville Island History     

Granville IslandHowever, today’s Granville Island is
a thriving Market Place

Filled with Arts & Culture, Food Markets, Events, Entertainment, Waterfront Restaurants, Theatres, Galleries, Studios, Unique Shops, and of course…Cafes.  Granville Island Website   

It reminded of a place in my hometown of Winnipeg Manitoba called The Forks.  It’s a place that I really enjoyed and now I get to enjoy a similar place with it’s own unique qualities…Granville Island.

Something about food markets, unique gift shops, cafes, and buskers that make it very inviting and enjoyable…Loved it!

If you get a chance, drop in and check out  John Nutter’s Glass Studio , which I find this particular artistic expressions fascinating.  Everyone has a story and speaking with John was no different.  It was a nice feeling to connect with a someone who was originally from my home town.  I didn’t take any photos, which I regret, but for good reason…. I couldn’t do his creations any justice with photos, you have to see them in person.   Thanks for taking the time to speak and share a few stories with me John!  

IMG_2059a copy

More photos from that day – A Visual Experience  

Banana Slug – Alouette Lake, BC

Banana Slug – Alouette Lake, BC

IMG_1655aThey taste nothing like their name suggests. I’m kidding of course, I never ate one.

I went out for a Sunday morning walk along the North Shore of Alouette Lake, BC and came across a couple Banana Slugs, which  was pretty neat because I’ve never seen them before.  I guess I can expect to see them more often because they are actually native to North America’s Pacific coastal coniferous rainforest belt which stretches from Southeastern Alaska to Santa Cruz, California.  

For the first couple hours, I had the area to myself, there was no one around….it was so peaceful…  The water was crystal clear….it was  a beautiful morning. 

More photo from that morning – A Visual Experience


One Man’s Collection

One Man’s Collection

IMG_1629aIt’s not too often that you see an airplane in some guy’s yard.  

Maple Ridge, BC – Unfortunately no one was home at the time, but I still managed to snap a few photos without being too invasive.  I asked a guy, who was walking down the street, what the story was behind this collection.  He informed me that the guy just likes to collect stuff…nothing more and nothing less to the story.  If I get an opportunity to talk with the owner, I’ll update this post, but for now….this was all in his front yard…


Capilano Suspension Bridge, BC

Capilano Suspension Bridge, BC

IMG_1592aOpened in 1889, the current bridge is 140 metres long and 70 metres above the Capilano River, which is located in North Vancouver, BC.

Having attended in the morning to avoid any possible line ups, the first thing I noticed  was with the lack movement in the bridge.  It wasn’t bouncy or swaying as I thought a suspension bridge might be, but that was due to the lack of people on it.  It wasn’t until later, when the bridge became packed with people, is when you feel all the bounciness and swaying momentum.  

There is much more to see than the suspension bridge.  The 127 years of history along with information about natures habitants are laid out for you among the display boards.    


Having crossed over, you come to a very well laid out series of paths to explore and whether you explore on the ground, along the cliff walls, or near the tree tops, there’s lots to soak in and appreciate in this beauty of a rain forrest.  

Advice…..Don’t rush, or you’ll see everything within 30 min.  Take your time, explore slowly, take lots of pictures but don’t forget to put your camera down to enjoy the moment of being there.   

Check out all the photos I took that day at
A Visual Experience –  

20160325_100723a p.s…  I had to share this one last little story…..

My friend, Jenn, (whom I’ve known since grade 7) from my hometown of Winnipeg,  Manitoba (a prairie province) was here for a few days.  

She’s only used to heights that don’t exceed Walmart parking lot speed bumps, so she was horrified and white knuckling it most of the way, but she did it!  Way to go Jenn!   

I hope to get more visits from my hometown friends, where ever I may be! 

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