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Birds Hill Park – Manitoba

Birds Hill Park – Manitoba

A photo journal of what I had come cross during one of my early morning walks.  

It took place on a sunny cool winter morning through the Cedar Bog Trail & Chickadee Trail, located in Birds Hill MB.  Each trail takes approx. 1 hour to complete.

Idea for Families / Kids – during the spring / summer, pack a Microscope in your backpack and  scoop up a couple drops of bog water.   Have a look at the amazing little creatures & plant life under the microscope!  

The MINT: Celebrating Canada’s 150th Anniversary

The MINT: Celebrating Canada’s 150th Anniversary

2017 is Canada’s 150th Anniversary and this will definitely be one of those years where celebrations of all types will be mixed into this Anniversary! 

The Royal Canadian Mint, aka: The Mint is no exception as they continue to mint amazing looking coins such as the Thirteen Coins that are specially minted for Canada’s 150th.

Only 25,000 of these coins will be printed and they will NOT be sold in stores. Get yours while you can! click here 

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Through my own actions I hope to inspire & encourage others to get out, explore and discover the beauty that is all around.
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Mixed Feelings: Good to be Home

Mixed Feelings: Good to be Home

Jayson D. Ambrose, One Canadian's JourneyIt’s strange that I have mixed feelings about being back home in Canada.

It probably has to do with… I wasn’t ready to come back yet. The kayaking adventure was so far from over when it ended abruptly.

All those amazing experiences and meeting sooo many wonderful people, who I was a complete stranger, but they opened their arms and treated me like a best friend and even a family member. You all are missed by me already. 

However, on the other hand, when my plane landed back in Canada, it felt good to be back home where all my family & friends had been waiting my return.  

And the one thing I can’t brag enough about to people … I love my country for the vast amount of  adventures from coast to coast that wait for me!

During the next few weeks, the rest of the kayaking stories will pop up, and while that is happening…I’ve already been out on more adventures
and preparing more stories & photos for you.


… who knows, maybe our paths will cross… 😉

My name is Jayson, and I’m just some guy who loves exploring and meeting people

…this is…

logo, One Canadian's Journey

Flight is booked….

Flight is booked….

flightI’m pretty excited, so I had to share this little tidbit with you… My flight is booked! 

In 4 1/2 months, I’ll be flying to Mobile Alabama in The Gulf of Mexico, where I’ll be launching my kayaking adventure.  

I’ll share more later, for now, I had to share my excitement that my flight is booked!    

Cascade Falls & Suspension Bridge – Mission, BC

Cascade Falls & Suspension Bridge – Mission, BC

Cascade Falls Regional Park is located near Mission, BC

……and I had it all to myself!  Loved it!

IMG_0784aFrom the parking lot, its a short but steep climb up a hill which does have a few wooden stairs and walkway towards the suspension bridge, where you get a great view of Cascade Falls.     

***More Photos! – A Visual Experience

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