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Ideas – Keepsakes of your Travels

Ideas – Keepsakes of your Travels

Idea for you while you travel

Collect a few flowers from the various locations you’ve visited and press them in a book for a few months. During the winter months, its a great opportunity to frame them.  They also make for great gifts.

Here’s my first attempt at framing a couple of the pressed flowers I had collected this past summer during my travels. 

Red Columbine & Marble Canyon Provincial Park

Red Columbine & Marble Canyon Provincial Park

I was out at Marble Canyon Provincial Park BC located on Vancouver Island taking on an incredible 1 1/2 hour hike of lush greens, huge trees and the fresh air. Beautiful hiking area!

The trail starts at the old campground, which is covered in greenery.

1 1/2 hours later, at the end of this section of trail is the fast flowing rapids where Black Bears, Wolves and other wild life come to feast. I had not encountered any today, but was very watchful of my surroundings just in case.

What I did come across was a dozen of these delicate beautiful flowers growing from the cracks of the rocks, right beside the rapids.

I later learned that this flower is called the Red Columbine and is used for medical purposes, such as the treatment of sore throats, headaches, fever, and stomach aches. It can also be used to treat certain types of skin rashes, such as poison ivy. Some gastrointestinal issues, urinary problems, and kidney problems may also be treated with red columbine.

If you want to know more about this flower, I suggest you do your own research to acquire the proper information, as well as consulting a professional in this type of natural remedies.

More photos from this hike – A Visual Experience


Cloverdale BC – While you were sleeping

Cloverdale BC – While you were sleeping

Hey Cloverdale!  While you were sleeping, I took to the streets to enjoy the early morning  peacefulness and sunrise.

From the morning dew drops on the flowers to the sun rays evaporating the dew off this dark wood trellis.  Yup, this wood is not on fire, its the morning dew that is steaming from the early morning sun rays.

There was a time, in the not so distant past, when you’d see a public pay phone on every street corner, gas station, and Mom & Pop Convenience Store.  It brought back memories of a time when 25 cents was worth something (More about this in the next blog!)  

It was nice to see this rare sight and it definitely adds to the character of Cloverdale. 

More photos from this morning – A Visual Experience 

The photo that affected me…

The photo that affected me…

I really enjoy my early morning Sunday walks.  Its the time of the week that is most peaceful to be out exploring and enjoying the fresh air.  

Although I’ve been to this particular location once before (Harrison Hot Springs – Messin’ with Sasquatch), which at the time didn’t last very long because it was pouring rain, I had to check it out again.  

IMG_2863abIt was a beautiful morning and quite peaceful.  

However, when I returned home and looked through the photos I had captured, it was this particular photo that affected me.  

Without getting to emotionally deep on you, I see this photo as something I can only hope for in my life … Finding that one special woman, sitting on a little peaceful 2 person dock, holding hands, sharing a few laughs and growing old together

Anyway…. check out the photos I took that day,  A Visual Experience – “While you were sleeping” 


So peaceful…until….

So peaceful…until….

IMG_2699aOn my way to the park, I came across this building.  Can anyone guess where you may have seen this building?

It’s the Bates Motel, actually its the movie prop for when they film in Langley BC.  I would have loved to get a closer look, but security prevented that from happening.

IMG_2705aI really enjoy waking up early and going for a morning walk.  It’s very refreshing & peaceful under the canopy of green leaves.

 I checked out Aldergrove Park this morning and captured a few of mother nature’s habitants soaking in the morning dew & sunshine….

Everything was so peaceful until a bug decided to go  suicidal and fly down my throat, UGH!  It’s the grossest feeling as your trying to toss it back up, but you can feel it crawling down…. geez!  From birds singing their morning songs….to Jayson’s manly gagging sounds of tossing his cookies….aaauu….the sounds of morning glory. 

More photos – A Visual Experience

Sunday Morning Walk Along The Beach

Sunday Morning Walk Along The Beach

IMG_2591aThe past couple weeks have been crazy busy planning and preparing for my upcoming kayaking adventure, which hasn’t given me much time to get out and explore around here.

I did manage to take bit of a break by going for an early morning stroll along a beach and found it so peaceful having it all to myself.  Oh, there were others around, actually quite a few for a Sunday morning, but they were all sticking to the boardwalk.   I guess no one else felt the urge to stick their toes into the ocean.   


A few photos of this morning’s refreshing walk along the beach for you to enjoy, while I get back to planning my trip.


Fraser Valley Rose Farm

Fraser Valley Rose Farm

IMG_2566aLocated in Deroche BC,  this was a neat little place to visit.  

It’s a very well laid out design so you can go on a self guided tour around the farm of plants and flowers!  

I met the owner, Jason, who provided a quick run down of his rose farm.  Very friendly guy, along with his family who were all eager to show, talk about & point the way around their little piece of heaven.  

Lots of amazing colors to see!   Go check it out and be sure to say hi to Jason and his family!

More photos from this little adventure can be viewed at
A Visual Experience – 


Abbotsford Tulip Festival

Abbotsford Tulip Festival

IMG_1749aGrowing up and learning about the Tulip Fields in Holland, I always wondered what it would be like to be in a field of Tulips.  Well, I never been to Holland, but the Abbotsford Tulip Festival had a few fields for me to stand in!  

It was beautiful to stand among the vibrant sea of colors!  Check out all the photos I took that day  – A Visual Experience 


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