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2 Twin Deaf Brothers – Redwood Park

2 Twin Deaf Brothers – Redwood Park

The next time you go somewhere, do a quick google search and discover the history behind  the location.  You’ll be surprised at what you’ll learn….(I love stuff like this!)…

The largest stand of Redwoods (outside of north California) is located in Surrey BC.

IMG_2179During the late 1800’s, the father of 2 twin deaf brothers, gifted 80 acres of land to the brothers on their 21st birthday. The brothers, David and Peter Brown, set out and planted not only Redwoods, but 32 different types of species from all over the world which included Russia, Austria, Japan, France, Italy, Lebanon and California.  

They even built a two story tree house to live in.  Actually, they had to rebuild it a few time due to fires.  Eventually they donated the land to the City of Surrey.  


It was a beautiful walk among tall old trees from around the world.  It was also nice to see them  out in the open and not in a conservatory type building.  And with several short paths to explore, it was a peaceful place to enjoy.  

Although it rained most of the time while exploring, the tall trees and several man-made shelters provided plenty of cover to enjoy the sights and sounds of this park.  Don’t let the rain prevent you from checking out this park!

IMG_2175This was cool…. a few huge solid trees fool you into thinking its hollow when you knock on it. 

IMG_2169Water fountain for both human and pets. (click to enlarge)

A few more photos from that day
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