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Camp Morton – Manitoba

Camp Morton – Manitoba

Location – Hwy 8, North of Gimli Manitoba

Camp Morton was build in 1920. It was used as a summer camp for Roman Catholic children as well as for orphaned and under privileged children.

The camp is still in use today, which offers camping sites, family vacation cabins and 6 Yurts.

A few of the sights you’ll come across as you stroll the grounds…

More photos from today – A Visual Experience 

There I stood, dead centre… of Canada !

There I stood, dead centre… of Canada !

So there I stood…
dead centre of Canada!

It’s location is just East of Winnipeg MB on Hwy #1 

Approx 500 metres off to the side is Pete’s Centre of Canada Heritage Site. Its a very well laid out area to walk around and check out all the old tractors.




World’s Largest Bunnock – “Game of Bones”

World’s Largest Bunnock – “Game of Bones”

Have you ever heard of Bunnock or perhaps the other name its referred to… The Game of Bones?

Well first, let me introduce you to the World’s Largest Bunnock…

…its Macklin Saskatchewan’s 32ft fibre glass horse anklebone Tourist Information Booth.

Bunnock or “Game of Bones” has been compared to bowling and curling, and is believed to have been created by Russian Soldiers to pass the time while stationed in Serbia during the 19th Century.

Two teams stand on opposite ends of the field and take turns trying to knock down each other’s row of bones. This is done by throwing more bones at the standing bones, and must be done in a specific order.

During the 20th Century, Russian & German immigrants who settled in Saskatchewan had introduced Bunnock to the community, where it became very popular in Macklin SK. This is where the annual World Bunnock Championships are held.

Check this out – Official Rules of Bunnock



Reynold Alberta Museum & Canada’s Oldest….

Reynold Alberta Museum & Canada’s Oldest….

Wetaskiwin Alberta

I had arrived about 15 minutes before the grounds were closing, so I had to take a quick look around but I still managed to capture a few photos of their items which are located outside.

First the Aviation section….

…and then the old Agriculture section… 

Another claim for fame for Wetaskiwin is having
Canada’s Oldest Water Tower
built and used since 1909.

The time of the Payphone period…A rare sight today

The time of the Payphone period…A rare sight today

There was a time when you’d see a public payphone on every street corner, gas station, and Mom & Pop Convenience Store. It brought back memories of a time when 25 cents was worth something.

When I came across this rare site in Cloverdale BC, I had to snicker because it brought up a lot of memories of being a teenager growing up in Winnipeg MB.

It was a time when friends would actually phone each other and have conversations, share stories and jokes. Ooooh don’t get me wrong, the conversations weren’t always intellectual because lets face it, we were teenagers at a time when we thought hairspray was a necessity, a condiment for your hair, but never the less we had conversations.

There were also times when you wanted privacy to chat on the phone with your friends and not have your parents listening … the payphone was the way to go about it. This involved putting your runners on, running out the house, head to the nearest payphone, deposit 25 cents… but, if you all of sudden forgot your friend’s phone number… sigh… back home you go.

If you couldn’t get ahold of your friends over the telephone, you’d walk, run, or ride your bike to their house. It was a time when daily exercise wasn’t really talked about because it was already part of everyday living of being a teenager without a cellphone.

On a side note, it was once believed that people watched too much tv and didn’t get outside often enough. What did society as a whole do to combat the so-called “laziness”?  They added more activities & work related jobs that require you to sit in front of a computer screen. Technology is absolutely amazing, but it has made our society super lazy.

More pictures of Cloverdale – A Visual Experience 

Kwakiutl First Nation – Fort Rupert BC (part 1)

Kwakiutl First Nation – Fort Rupert BC (part 1)

The Kwakiutl First Nation is also known as the Fort Rupert Band, and in traditional Kwakwaka’wakw terms as the Kwagu’ł or Kwagyewlth.

Located on the North East Side of Vancouver island in Fort Rupert, the Kwakiutl First Nation is a community that takes pride (and so it should) in their beautiful totem poles and handcrafted canoes that can be seen throughout the area.

Looking at these beautiful works of craftsmanship had me examining them even closer.  Although the totems are magnificent,  I wanted to capture a more personal look at these beautiful works of art by giving you close-up shots.  Check out all the photos I captured of the totem poles – A Visual Experience 




Paper Trail Adventure!

Paper Trail Adventure!

Try this Paper Trail Adventure
for the New Year!  

Over the past couple years, I’ve been on this paper trail adventure that has taken me ALL OVER the world and from the mid 900’s AD to 2016 .  That’s approx 1,070 years of adventuring history!  

I know this is not the kind of adventure you expected from me, but none the less its a pretty neat adventure you can do too!  From the comforts of home and during your spare time, you too can go a paper trail adventure.    

As I stated, it’s taken me a couple years to get this far into the trail, and there’s still much more discovering to be done, which has been and is pretty cool!

Get started on your Paper Trail Adventure and leave your comments below I’d be curious to know how yours turns out.  Maybe we’re related!

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Exploring Alabama’s Oldest City!

Exploring Alabama’s Oldest City!

20141120_103355Over the past few days, besides getting my gear ready for my upcoming adventure, I’ve had the opportunity to explore Mobile Alabama and meet several people.  It’s definitely an honour to be staring my next adventure right here, an area rich in history!

Located in the Gulf of Mexico and founded in 1702 – Mobile is Alabama’s Oldest City! It was the Spanish explorer Alonzo Álvarez Pineda who first explored the area in 1519.  It’s also the birth place of Mardi Gras, the oldest annual Carnival celebration in the United States, since1703!  This was fifteen years before New Orleans was founded.

Here’s something I want to do…. the Underground Railway Bicycle Route. There’s a bicycle route you can take to explore the path.  Hmmm…. this might have be my next adventure! 

1a Logoa couple hours from now…

I’ll be on a journey of living out of a kayak for the next 15 months as I paddle The Great Loop. I’ll be covering between 8,000 – 12,300km of water during this time.

As I use my kayak as a form of transportation, I will continue to blog about the places and  people I come across.  However, if you really want to know what it’s like to live out of a kayak for the next 15 months, be sure to checkout my kayaking adventure at OCJ – The Great Loop  

Maple Ridge, BC….part 2

Maple Ridge, BC….part 2

Over the past month and a half of living and exploring Maple Ridge,
here is what I have discovered…

(Don’t want to read stories?  Only want to see pictures, including the ones I didn’t post but are all part of Maple Ridge?  Go here:  A Visual Experience by me!)

The iconic Clock Tower with a Horse

Donated in 1989, “The Beast”, as it is known by, is made of aluminum spare parts.  It’s approximately the same size as a real horse, but has been standing still for a few years now due to mechanic problems and a possible safety risk to the public. Apparently one of it’s hooves fell off…a couple times.  Video


IMG_1225aBandstand / Gazebo – I love the layout of this area! The bandstand is the main focal point. It’s surround by the Public Library on the left, the ACT (Art Centre Theatre) behind it, the Leisure Centre sits directly to the right, and the various small store fronts are located in front (behind the camera).


The Leisure Centre is an impressive facility with friendly and helpful staff.

I tried a drop-in Archery session one Sunday evening in their huge full sized gymnasium. It was a lot of fun and something different!  

Although it was Beginner’s Luck for the most part… I’m sooooo going to brag!  I hit the bullseye a few times….. with my left hand.  I’m right handed.   However, after a while I think the arrows were getting scared because they started missing the target, lol.  Oh well, it was a cool experience.

Billy Miner Ale House & Who is Billy Miner?

William (Bill) Miner -The first train robber in Canada. He was also known as the “Gentleman Bandit” because of his good manners while committing his crimes.  More about him can be found here: The Canadian Encyclopedia 

William (Bill) Miner Picture courtesy of  City of Vancouver Archives 

St. Andrew’s Heritage Church Hall
built in 1888

This was a section of the original church hall.

IMG_0885aMaple Ridge Museum & World Class Model Railway – although the museum its fairly small, it contains the history of it’s people and cultures.

Located in the basement, an impressive World Class working Model Train Diorama – The museum had an open-house, featuring this work of art.   I blogged about it here 


The Dyke – located on the north side, where its very common to see people walking, cycling, kayaking and having their dogs retrieving.  Great views of the mountains too!  

Port Haney Wharf

Although I went by myself and was snapping photos everywhere, I later discovered a map you can follow, called the Port Haney Heritage Walk


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