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Parrots & The Stinky Island

Parrots & The Stinky Island

kayaking, oceanAccording to my GPS, it had shown a Marina nearby. As we pulled up, it was obvious that this was not what we had expected. See, what the GPS failed to mention was that this place was a private resort.

Speaking with the Dock Master, he had made arrangements with the higher-ups to allow us stay on the resort’s island, which was connected by a small walking bridge.

People’s curiosity was no different here than other places we had stayed. We chatted with several staff & local vacationers, shared a few stories and laughs. We had met some really nice people.

island, campingBy nightfall, we headed to the island in the dark to set up our tents. There was’t a lot of room among the brush & trees and there was one very distinct smell that would haunt us throughout the night…. a rotting dead animal.

We never did find where it was coming from, but geez, it was nasty. I think the smell stayed in my nose hairs for the rest of the day…ugh, fun.

The next morning, we were more than ready to pack up and leave this island.

Eating breakfast at their outdoor restaurant, nowhere near the island, it was a treat to see and “speak” with 2 of their local residence…. The Macaw was the loudest and wouldn’t shut-up, lol.

After breakfast, it was time to head out….

I Wasn’t going to Share this…

I Wasn’t going to Share this…

For Personal Reasons,
– I wasn’t going to publicly share this –

However, I feel I have to share a portion of it to further prove a point…

(While out on my kayaking adventure…)

Having just kayaked the morning, we pulled up on a beach with a restaurant. Waiting for our food to be served… all of a sudden, a gentleman collapsed to the ground from a massive heart attack.  Another gentleman and I immediately jumped in and performed CPR.  He didn’t survive, leaving behind his screaming and very distraught wife.

So here’s the thing…

One minute I’m paddling and enjoying life’s experiences, watching the dolphins play, stingrays flying underwater, paddling through fields of jellyfish, and seeing many new things I’ve never experienced.

Within an instance… and at the opposite end of the spectrum
… a life ended.

This unfortunate incident further proves my point.  It’s important to realize that you (me) were never promised tomorrow, let alone 5 minutes from now, so while you can, please go out and enjoy the time you do have.

This was a very harsh reminder of “Why I do what I do
& Live for today, because you were never promised tomorrow.

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Exploring Alabama’s Oldest City!

Exploring Alabama’s Oldest City!

20141120_103355Over the past few days, besides getting my gear ready for my upcoming adventure, I’ve had the opportunity to explore Mobile Alabama and meet several people.  It’s definitely an honour to be staring my next adventure right here, an area rich in history!

Located in the Gulf of Mexico and founded in 1702 – Mobile is Alabama’s Oldest City! It was the Spanish explorer Alonzo Álvarez Pineda who first explored the area in 1519.  It’s also the birth place of Mardi Gras, the oldest annual Carnival celebration in the United States, since1703!  This was fifteen years before New Orleans was founded.

Here’s something I want to do…. the Underground Railway Bicycle Route. There’s a bicycle route you can take to explore the path.  Hmmm…. this might have be my next adventure! 

1a Logoa couple hours from now…

I’ll be on a journey of living out of a kayak for the next 15 months as I paddle The Great Loop. I’ll be covering between 8,000 – 12,300km of water during this time.

As I use my kayak as a form of transportation, I will continue to blog about the places and  people I come across.  However, if you really want to know what it’s like to live out of a kayak for the next 15 months, be sure to checkout my kayaking adventure at OCJ – The Great Loop  

Taste the Ocean!

Taste the Ocean!

20160529_132511aTaste the ocean!“, blurted out a massive 1 foot wave.  Whaaaat?  A one foot wave could be considered massive in some parts of the world……No?  

Actually it wasn’t the wave that knocked me over.  I was kayaking with two other guys, one of which was in the water & hanging onto the edge of my boat for a practice run of an “assisted rescue”.  As he was trying to get back into his boat…well, he lifted himself up……onto….and then….flipped in the opposite direction, head first and with his legs kicking in the air.   He dodged when he should have weaved, tossing both us into the tasty salt water of the pacific ocean.  If it was an olympic sport, we would have gotten a gold for sure!

So there I was, flipped over and upside down thinking to myself, “Well, this can’t be good.”.  No, not the fact I was upside down.  See, as I flipped over I’m pretty sure I managed to swallow 1/2 the ocean.  Now with 1/2 the ocean down my throat, it was enough for my insides to say, “Oh Heeeell No!”  I don’t ever recall throwing up that fast in my life!  Nice little shock to the system to let you know that you’re still alive…. geez.

Ok, it was probably only a teaspoon of salt water, but at the time, it sure felt like 1/2 the ocean and thought I was dying for sure…..and we all know that when guys get sick, we never exaggerate dying.  I’m pretty sure I had dyingitis.  

Turned out to be a great day of paddling around White Rock BC.  

Dyingitis – its a word I made up years ago.  When ever I become sick, I would claim I was dying ….”I don’t think I’m going to make it through the night.  Tell my family I love them….oh the pain, oh the agony…my nose is stuffed up, my throat is killing me, my face feels swollen….oh no!  I have all the symptoms… I have dyingitis.”.  Women often refer it to as “the common cold”.

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Flight is booked….

Flight is booked….

flightI’m pretty excited, so I had to share this little tidbit with you… My flight is booked! 

In 4 1/2 months, I’ll be flying to Mobile Alabama in The Gulf of Mexico, where I’ll be launching my kayaking adventure.  

I’ll share more later, for now, I had to share my excitement that my flight is booked!    

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