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Birds Hill Park – Manitoba

Birds Hill Park – Manitoba

A photo journal of what I had come cross during one of my early morning walks.  

It took place on a sunny cool winter morning through the Cedar Bog Trail & Chickadee Trail, located in Birds Hill MB.  Each trail takes approx. 1 hour to complete.

Idea for Families / Kids – during the spring / summer, pack a Microscope in your backpack and  scoop up a couple drops of bog water.   Have a look at the amazing little creatures & plant life under the microscope!  

Goats on Roof ? Cool !

Goats on Roof ? Cool !

As you enter Coombs BC, there is no doubt of what you just saw. The Old Country Market is famous for their Goats on the Roof, which is located right on the edge of the road, 2326 Alberni Hwy. You can’t miss it!

The market consists of gift shops, restaurants, garden supplies, a farmer’s market, along with buskers!  This is a nice little area to explore and enjoy!

Gotta love it when kids are brave enough to play in public.
Great musical talent by this two young kids, way to go!



The Dishwasher and the Generation Gap

The Dishwasher and the Generation Gap

The Generation Gap & the Learning Curve…

The generation gap between the elderly and the kids is out of control when it comes to the learning curve.  There is no learning curve, it’s flat-lined, and not even a little blip to suggest there’s life between the two.

According to some kids, “elderly” applies to everyone over 30…sigh. According to the elderly, “kid” applies to everyone under 30.  The rest of us shake our heads at both…

So there I am, sitting in the living room minding my own business. My kid was playing with his ipod in the kitchen, so I gave him a simple task of turning the dishwasher on.

After a few minutes I realized he had not tuned it on….

Me, “Hey, are you going to turn the dishwasher on for me?”

Son, “I’m trying to right now.”

Me, “Soooo what’s the problem?”

Son, “Nothing…”

Shaking my head, “Do you see the On button?”

Son, “Ya.”

Me, “That’s the app.”

The dishwasher turned on …. sigh.


17yrs later…the punch line

17yrs later…the punch line

I think we all know parents who have given their kids cute nicknames and the majority of the nicknames won’t last longer than 2-3yrs.

When my kids were babies, I was one of those parents guilty of giving them cute little nicknames too. I called them, “My Sweet Potato” and “My Little Pumpkin Pie”.   Aaawww that’s cute.

Now that they’re older I still call them “My Sweet Potato” and “My Little Pumpkin Pie”.    Aaawww that’s cute.

So there we are, the 3 us, my 2 sons and myself sitting on the couch watching TV.  All of a sudden and from out of nowhere, my oldest son’s head turns and he gives me “the look”

Oldest Son,  “Heeeey!”

Me, “What? What’s wrong?”

Oldest Son,  “You always call us your sweet potato and pumpkin pie!”

Me, “Ya, so.”

Oldest Son, “You don’t even like sweet potatoes or pumpkin pie!”

My eyes now wide open and trying to avoid eye contact, I slowly turned my head in the opposite direction.

Both sons laughed, “Daaad!”

Me innocently, “Whaaat? I didn’t know.”

Both Sons, “Yes you did!”

Me, “Oh right, sorry, I didn’t know”.

They laughed and then the cushion fight begins!

I was going to wait until they were older before revealing the punch line.
I still call them by their nicknames and they still smile about it.

” 372% of all people think I exaggerate…”

” 372% of all people think I exaggerate…”

372% of all people think I exaggerate…the rest of the population thinks I lie all the time.  If that were true, I’d be a lawyer.

I was at a coffee shop the other day when I over heard a conversation between a lawyer and his client.  It was quite boring, but what caught my attention was a comment the lawyer made.  It made me think…

Your parents used to tell you, “Always tell the truth.”  When you messed up or got into mischief, your parents would get you to tell the truth and then make you apologize for your mistake. In some cases, especially if your dad was from the old school of Hard Knox, boy were you sorry.

What are parents teaching their kids now days? Parent, “Don’t say anything! Call your lawyer!”   Really? Is that what our society has come to? What ever happened to telling the truth and apologizing for your mistakes?

What was the comment the lawyer made?  Lawyer, “It’s not about the truth.  It’s about who can tell the best story.”.  It’s pretty sad, but could this be the only truth?

Growing up I told my dad one or two….a few…..geez, a lot of stories, maaaan, he made sure I felt sorry afterwards.  That lawyer should have had my dad as a father because look how I turned out.  Ok, bad example but it made for a good story!

“…we can still be friends though…”

“…we can still be friends though…”

This is 4 year old Fabrice. Every couple hours he comes up to remind me we are best friends, which is cool because he accepts all my faults. 

Fabrice with his sweet innocent little voice, “You’re old but I still like you.”.   Geez, thanks kid.

At one point he was looking at me from across the room and then approached me with great concern…

Fabrice, “What’s wrong with your skin?”  
I panicked and looked at my arms.
Fabrice, “We don’t have the same skin.”

I had to explain to him that God ran out of some colors when I was born.

Fabrice checked my arms and his and then mine again, “Well, we can still be friends though.”

My age and the lack of skin color doesn’t hinder our friendship.  
Thanks kid for being a true friend!

My existence was to torment him….

My existence was to torment him….

Dad believes my existence was to torment him….

Man, that guy never smiled… The only time he smiled is when he had chores for my 3 brother and I.

I was 13 or 14 at the time and the day was just getting started.  My dad was about to work a double shift and for some unreasonable reason, he wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to become “bored”.  I was a kid, what could possible go wrong?

So there we are in the backyard.  He had lots of rocks piled up in one corner, a couple bags of cement mix, and topsoil.  He came up with this brilliant idea to have me build him a rock garden.  But! … He was horrible when it came to explaining or giving instructions … and that wasn’t something I was about to exploit to the fullest.

In his mind he was picturing a beautiful display in the middle of the backyard.  But!…That’s not how he explained it.  Oh I knew what he was trying to say, but this time I was going to follow his instructions to the T.

He worked his double shift, came home and went to bed.  When he woke up, he went to checkout his new rock garden.

Instead of a planter made out of rocks, cement, and filled with soil inside…All he saw was topsoil covering up a 3’ high x 4′ wide pyramid of cemented rocks.

It was the work of a creative genius! He didn’t think so.…Man, that guy never smiled.

The good ol’ days..*sigh…

The good ol’ days..*sigh…

I was in grade 2 at the time and throwing snowballs was never a good thing, especially prior to the government banning teachers from administrating the famous attitude adjuster…The Strap.

The day after it was banned was the day I had waited my entire life.

I lightly tossed a snowball at George.  SMACK!, right on the side of his head filling his ear with snow. It was the perfect shot!

He cried, ran and told the principal I had thrown it at the speed of sound because he didn’t hear it coming.  George was not the brightest grade 2 student. I had to apologize to George, which I did but didn’t mean it of course because…let’s face it, it was the perfect shot!

George and I left the principals office and attended to the gym.

We were on opposite teams and about to play the world’s bestest game ever….Murder Ball! aka: Dodge Ball !

This made total sense…I could now throw a ball the size of George’s head as hard & fast as I wanted. … Whaaat? It was the rules and I wasn’t about to break them  … I lightly tossed the ball in George’s direction…again

Later that evening, my dad “reminded” me the strap was not banned from our house.

My kids are trying to get me killed…

My kids are trying to get me killed…

There are certain activities you may have done in the past and therefore it should be easy to do again.  As you get older you look at it in a different light and tend to say, “Nope, that’ll get me killed.”  And if your kids dare or double dare you, you can back out of it.  But if they say, “Come on dad, give it a try.  Don’t you love us?”…yup, they’re out to get you killed…

A month ago my sons and I went to the swimming pool…and that’s when it all started.  “Come on dad, don’t you love us?”…So there I am at the top of the 5m (16’ 5”) diving platform thinking to myself, “This sure is a lot higher than what I remember as kid doing twists and flips twice as high…and ..My ex must have put them up to this..”

Down on the deck beside the lifeguard are my sons hoping my life insurance is up to date. Actually, kids don’t even care about that, they just want to see you get killed. But looking at their beautiful smiles, I couldn’t back out now.  After all I’m their dad who is not scared of anything…geez, they remembered that too.

I must have looked down 6-7 times and each time I recited the Lord’s Pray.  Didn’t help to ease the fear let me tell you.

It was now or never (hoping for never).  At 200lbs of pure solid muscle, I jumped and hit the water at full force.  It hurt, but I did it!

I came up for air, looked at my kids. What was with the “look”? You know the “look” kids give you when you’re embarrassing them in front of their friends…One son, “Dad, don’t do that again. Tossing yourself over… looking like Mr. Bean….sooo not cool dad.”

Phht, I am still  soooo cool.

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