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Rainbow Falls – Ontario

Rainbow Falls – Ontario

Definitely a must see!
Starting at the lake, a short walk on the boardwalk takes you down along Rainbow Falls, which can be viewed from various angles and heights.   What you don’t see in the photo to the left is that I’m standing right beside the top of the waterfalls.  

If you look closely at the photos, you’ll discover why it’s named “Rainbow” Falls. The various colours pop out at you from all over!

This area predominately sits on Red Granite, which the colours really come to life when wet. 






15,202km to go: I’m at “Mile 0” in Lund BC

15,202km to go: I’m at “Mile 0” in Lund BC

Lund, BC, 101, hwy, Marker 0Marker “Mile 0” – Lund BC

Ok, this wasn’t planned. I knew absolutely nothing about Lund. In fact, I was in Powell River for the weekend to explore and do a little hiking. It wasn’t until I was near the marker that I had discovered where & what it all meant.

“Mile 0” marker is the beginning or end, depending where you start, of highway 101, of the Pacific Coastal Hwy, which is one of the longest highways in the world! It takes you directly south, 15,202km, to Quellon Chile.

hmmm… 15,200km? … Pacicfic Coastal hwy?…. Canada to Chile?…. this certainly screams “Adventure!” … That would be so awesome! Before I get carried way… ugh… too late, my mind is racing with ideas! Who wants to join me!?!

The marker also contains a Time Capsule, which won’t be revealed until, if the marker is ever disassembled.

Back in Powell River…

This is so cool!

These ships are all concrete ships that were built during WWI and II, and the only 10 that are known to still be afloat! Yes, these things are floating, forming a massive floating breakwater on the Malaspina Strait in the city of Powell River, BC. There is only one WWI concrete floating ship and its here somewhere, I just don’t know which one it is. But very cool!

Hiking Trail… I had to snicker and give myself a slap 1/2 way through this hike.

While going through this trail, I was a little ticked that there was all this old / new logging equipment littered throughout the trail. It kinda ruins the “nature hike”.   But then I realized…. it wasn’t littered construction equipment after all, it was placed there as part of Powell River’s Logging History….. ugh! I could have taken so many more photos of this unique trail and the history here!

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Through my own actions I hope to inspire & encourage others to get out, explore and discover the beauty that is all around.
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Pitt Addington Marsh, BC

Pitt Addington Marsh, BC

Although I’ve never been one for exploring marshes, which is odd because there is truly a lot to see and explore, I decided to check out Pitt Addington Marsh near Pitt Lake.

IMG_1389aAlong the side of the road to Pitt Lake, several geese were hanging out.  But, what really caught my attention was seeing this light coloured goose. 

As my car was approaching the group of 4, 3 of them leaped up and flew off.  This light coloured one eventually did the same thing, but it flew beside my car for 1/2 km.  I really lucked out with my camera in hand. 


Even though its much cooler and windier today, it didn’t stop me from exploring a new area and taking advantage of some great photo opportunities.  

Check them out here – A Visual Experience  


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