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15,202km to go: I’m at “Mile 0” in Lund BC

15,202km to go: I’m at “Mile 0” in Lund BC

Lund, BC, 101, hwy, Marker 0Marker “Mile 0” – Lund BC

Ok, this wasn’t planned. I knew absolutely nothing about Lund. In fact, I was in Powell River for the weekend to explore and do a little hiking. It wasn’t until I was near the marker that I had discovered where & what it all meant.

“Mile 0” marker is the beginning or end, depending where you start, of highway 101, of the Pacific Coastal Hwy, which is one of the longest highways in the world! It takes you directly south, 15,202km, to Quellon Chile.

hmmm… 15,200km? … Pacicfic Coastal hwy?…. Canada to Chile?…. this certainly screams “Adventure!” … That would be so awesome! Before I get carried way… ugh… too late, my mind is racing with ideas! Who wants to join me!?!

The marker also contains a Time Capsule, which won’t be revealed until, if the marker is ever disassembled.

Back in Powell River…

This is so cool!

These ships are all concrete ships that were built during WWI and II, and the only 10 that are known to still be afloat! Yes, these things are floating, forming a massive floating breakwater on the Malaspina Strait in the city of Powell River, BC. There is only one WWI concrete floating ship and its here somewhere, I just don’t know which one it is. But very cool!

Hiking Trail… I had to snicker and give myself a slap 1/2 way through this hike.

While going through this trail, I was a little ticked that there was all this old / new logging equipment littered throughout the trail. It kinda ruins the “nature hike”.   But then I realized…. it wasn’t littered construction equipment after all, it was placed there as part of Powell River’s Logging History….. ugh! I could have taken so many more photos of this unique trail and the history here!

More Photos from this Adventure – A Visual Experience 

Through my own actions I hope to inspire & encourage others to get out, explore and discover the beauty that is all around.
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On Nov 14th, 2016, we had a Supermoon!

supermoon, red, orange, gold, 2016
The moon was it’s reddest near the horizon and then slowly turned to orange / gold and then to white as it progressed higher into the night sky

Standing along the water’s edge, watching the Brilliant Red Supermoon rise above the horizon and over the water was absolutely beautiful to experience.  

The Supermoon occurs when the moon is in its closest proximity to the earth and this occurs a few times a years.

However, what makes this particular Supermoon super?

Its also a Full Moon or New Moon. The last time we had a Full Moon this close to earth was back in 1948

Since the moon is closer, it appears 14% larger and brighter. The red colouring has to do with the reflected light passing through the earth’s atmosphere. When the moon appears red, its called a Blood Moon.  

Next Full / New Supermoon – Nov 24th 2034

Supermoon, gold, orange, 2016

Love this book! – NightWatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe

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