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Edson Alberta & Manitoba Socials

Edson Alberta & Manitoba Socials

Edson AB – Visitor Centre – Galloway Station Museum

Shari, the manager, gave me a tour of their museum, which was filled with a lot interesting history. However, the part I really enjoyed was the back-stories of the historical items.

If you ever get the opportunity to get an actual tour (one on one) of any museum, the tour guides are a wealth of information that goes beyond what you read about on their information signs throughout the museum.

In this particular case, Shari shared with me some of the actual funny & interesting stories about the items in their museum, which included who the previous owners of the relics belong to, giving the items much more depth.

There were 4 particular items that caught my attention (there were more, but here are my top 4)…

#1 – 138 year old Printing Press that weighs well over 800lbs. Build in 1878, this Peerless Printing Press is… get a load of this, its still in operation! The museum prints coasters and other in-house materials, as well as giving demo’s to schools. Very cool!

The printing press was used to make these coasters, which tell a story of Edson’s “Jack the Frog” (1870 – 1956).

#2 – Old Movie Projector – One of the locals (back in the days) was a “director, actor, and film producer” who brought a little entertainment to this Coal & Lumber community. 

#3 – Telegraph Key – You’d have to be quite proficient in Morse Code to use this.

#4 – “Speeder” – A one person, human powered railway vehicle.  (This thing got me thinking…. Wouldn’t it be cool to travel and see Canada like no one else has on this thing!? Cool!  If anyone has a few contacts, I’d consider doing it!) 

There was some other really neat relics but you’ll have to make a point of stopping in during your Canadian Travels and check them out for yourself. It’s worth it.

Shari and the Edson Rotory Club invited me stay for their BBQ lunch and share a few of my travel stories, including and explaining a Manitoba Social.

They were a great group of people and I hope I get the opportunity to meet with them again. 

What is a Manitoba Social?

For those outside of Manitoba, a Social has been around for decades! Its a Party that’s put on by the best friends and family members of the Bride and Groom. Essentially, a large hall of a community centre (or similar) is rented out for a dance. People buy tickets to come out, drink, socialize, door prizes, and dance the night away.

At the end of the night, the profits from the Social are given to the Bride & Groom, which is a gift to help them get started in their life’s journey. Socials are hugely popular throughout the winter season and everyone is welcome to come out and enjoy!




Cathedral Trail – A Forest of Old & Giant Trees

Cathedral Trail – A Forest of Old & Giant Trees

This is one the super easiest and most accessible trails you’ll ever come across! It guides you through a forest of giant trees, some of which are older than 800 years!

The Big Tree

This was pretty interesting…

Living Tree Stump. The bark has covered it completely while its roots have grafted onto a living tree, where it soaks in the nutrients to survive.

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