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Sand Crab Cuddles: Masculine Scream Heard Middle of Night

Sand Crab Cuddles: Masculine Scream Heard Middle of Night

Broken Tent, Camping, Beach, Kayak

From my Kayaking Adventure
Florida’s Panhandle – Gulf of Mexico

Well, now that my second tent pole had broke the night before, and there are no trees for my hammock, I was stuck to sleeping like this…

Of course that is just asking for critters to crawl on you during the middle of the night. That’s exactly what happened, ugh!

The calm and peacefulness of the middle of the night was ever-so-slightly shattered by the guy in the broken tent, kicking and screaming (in the most masculine way of course), “What the heck was that!?”. You’d think David would have appreciated my quick response to assess and then defuse a stressful situation, but nooooo. The whites of his eyes lit up the inside of his tent and he was now wide awake, a little disorientated but wide awake none the less, “What, what, what’s wrong!?”. I calmly informed him, “It’s fine, don’t worry about it.

The next morning the beach was filled with sand crabs that only came in one size…and there were hundreds of them!

For Size comparison, David picks one up

Whether I’m in my
I do love sleeping under the stars!   

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SHARK! – Don’t worry about it, you’ll be fine

SHARK! – Don’t worry about it, you’ll be fine

Florida’s Panhandle – Kayaking Adventure

We had entered The Gulf of Mexico at Panama City, where the water was warm, incredibly blue and clear! Although we had the waves to contend with, they weren’t as big or powerful as the last time in Destin.

With David between the shore and myself, we weren’t even 10 min into The Gulf when a 15 foot shark swam right underneath me!

Pointing at it and letting David casually know we had company with my high pitched masculine scream, “Shark!”, he turned to me and said, “Don’t worry about it, you’ll be fine!”

I looked at the shark, I looked at David, I looked at the shark, I looked at David and yelled, “When was the last time you read anywhere in the same paragraph the words “shark” and “you’ll be fine” !?”. That’s when I noticed David paddling faster and heading to the shore and then realized he was only taking to himself when he said, “Don’t worry about it, you’ll be fine.”….. geez. 

I felt like I was sitting in a giant yellow fishing lure, which was about to become a horizontal port-a-potty.

The shark eventually swam away and that was the last I saw of him….only because from there on in… I stopped looking down into the water.

Shark, Kayak, Ocean, Beach, Gulf of Mexico

Nature: Baby Hermit Crab Defends Home

Nature: Baby Hermit Crab Defends Home

From my Kayaking Adventure

Look how tiny this little guy is!

As with most shells I had come across, this tiny one had a living creature in it…. a baby hermit crab, who was not scared of me what-so-ever. Hermit crabs are skittish and scared of anything that moves, but not this little guy.  He was ready to defend his home.  

Tent Pole Broke & Lost a Water Bootie

Tent Pole Broke & Lost a Water Bootie

Florida’s Panhandle – Kayaking Adventure

Laying there on my back during the middle of the night and listening to fish jumping and what ever other strange sounds I wasn’t used to… one of my tent poles broke, ugh!

The other day I had noticed the aluminum pole cracking in several spots, so I duct taped them hoping it would hold until I could get new ones. Nope, didn’t last.

With the tent half collapsed, I flipped over and fell back asleep, only to be woken up a short time later by a Barge. Man, those things are loud with bright spot lights pointing at the river banks. My tent lit up like it was the middle of the day.

The next morning, I discovered that I had not properly secured my water boots to the kayak in case a wave should hit and knock something over into the water, ugh! I did keep the other one for “show & tell”.

Oh well, the adventure continues!

A Dolphin Breaches!

A Dolphin Breaches!

Kayak, Ocean, GearFlorida’s Panhandle – Kayaking Adventure

This was so surreal, I still can’t believe it happened. It was like a pre-planned event for a movie scene or something.

We’d been paddling for the past couple hours and it was pretty peaceful, calm, and I was lost in my thoughts.

David was 20’ to my right. From complete silence and out of nowhere, perfectly in between David & I, and 20’ in front of us, a dolphin jumped & cleared the water while traveling in the same direction as we were headed!

As we gave chase, 2 other dolphins appeared out of nowhere and approached my left side 15’ away! They maintained the same pace for as long as we could go, but eventually all 3 dolphins left and disappeared.

It was very cool & unexpected experience that was totally awesome. It was a once in a life time experience and I so grateful to have been there.

Ocean Kayak Scared of Water: Flips Over Three Times

Ocean Kayak Scared of Water: Flips Over Three Times

kayak, Destin, Florida, Gulf of Mexico, LivingHaving entered The Gulf of Mexico at Destin Florida, not only was it making me a little nervous with the waves crashing down on me, it was totally exhilarating!

It was an amazing experience paddling the blue clear water and glimpsing down to see the bottom between the crashing waves. I was soaked! However, the water was warm and refreshing at the same time. It was a well needed break from the relentless rays of the sun.

We had a 3 1/2 mile fight against the waves, swells, wind and current…I was exhausted but still loving the moment of being there. At one point, a huge sea turtle stuck its head out of the water to observe my struggles. Just before he disappeared into the water, I’m pretty sure he, “Tisk-tisk”, and shook his head in disbelief. He wasn’t the only one though. A search and rescue helicopter came pretty close to check us out too.  

Gulf of Mexico, Ocean, Kayak, GearIt was time to make our approach and get onto the beautiful white sandy beach!  I positioned myself in the direction of the shoreline and with the waves, trying to make sure my kayak doesn’t end up sideways, which would give the crashing waves the perfect opportunity to put me in the ol’ spin cycle….…. Ugh! Too Late!!!… A huge wave picked me up, tossed me to another huge wave and just like a Football Quarterback, that wave threw me and my kayak in the perfect spiral spin to the next wave, which totally fumbled me.

So there I was, upside down in the crashing waves, thinking, “Oh boy, this sucks”, because I lost my sunglasses in the process. Oh, and it tasted horrible! “cough cough gag”

Out of the kayak and holding on, the waves pushed me to shore, where a family of 4 assisted with dragging the drowned kayak onto shore.

According my GPS, at one point I had traveled 8.7 miles / hour. Ya, kayaks were not meant to go that fast. The Quarterback Wave proved that theory wrong.  

kayak, ocean, beach, sand, gearThis is were we stayed the night, on the open white sandy beach, under the blanket of bright stars. Although most of my gear was soaked, the weather was beautiful.

The next morning we decided that we would backtrack to Destin and proceed on the ICW until it was absolutely necessary to get back on The Gulf.

But first, we would have to get into our kayaks and enter the Defensive Linebackers of Waves who would do their best to keep us from getting back onto the water…..ugh.

Trying to time the waves and when my attempt might be successful… ya, I blew it twice. Flipped over both times. Now I was frustrated and thinking, “Who’s dumb idea was it to kayak for 15 months?”…ugh!

My third and final attempt to get into my kayak and get past the relentless incoming crashing waves of 3 – 4 feet….. Success!

Having flipped over three times, it was plainly obvious, my kayak was new to the sport, so it was scared of water. Poor thing.

Friendly Pufferfish

Friendly Pufferfish

Story from my Kayaking Adventure …

Taking a break to stretch, David was off to the side looking for crabs, while I walked along the shoreline looking for any unusual and neat looking seashells.  

I had picked up a couple that I had thought were pretty impressive, that’s when David called me over to show me a fish. I’m thinking, “A fish? Really? I’ve seen fish before. Wait until he sees the seashells I found!”. Looking where he was pointing, it was a Pufferfish! I’ve only seen small ones in pet stores, so this was so cool!. I looked at the seashells, looked at the pufferfish, looked at the seashells….  and then… ditched the seashells, sigh.

This Pufferfish nonchalantly kept swimming, however it let David put his hand underneath him and pick him up. The pufferfish was about 6 inch, chubby, and the neatest little guy. You gotta love nature! Not holding him for very long, the pufferfish left David’s hand and continued swimming in the area …and I stopped looking for seashells.


Back onto the Liquid Highway

Back onto the Liquid Highway

img_3256aHaving recovered… for the most part, it was time to get things back on track, but this time I would be joined by David Lannie of Mobile Alabama for the next couple weeks.

Also joining me for the day would be fellow local kayakers – Daniel Miller, Darwin Frison, Laura Bartlett and Phil Moon.

Leaving where I had left off in Pensacola Fl on the ICW, we paddled east bound. Eventually the 6 of us became 4, as 2 decided to head back.

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A Little Mishap

A Little Mishap


I knew something was wrong
when I stopped sweating…

What’s A little Dehydration and Heat Stroke to add to the adventure?

Since 7:00am, I was enjoying the moments and the excitement of exploring somewhere new. A few of the things I had seen throughout the day were the magnificent dolphins and jellyfish swimming by, the white sandy beaches, as well as seeing the very fast & loud fighter jets flying in formation.

With a smile on my face, I wasn’t really paying attention to the long hours spent paddling in 92-94 degree fahrenheit with a humidity you could bottle, while under a relentless sun. It was a learning experience that knocked me down, but not out. No matter how much water and gatorade I consumed, it still kicked my butt.

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