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Dealing with a scare – my eyes

Dealing with a scare – my eyes

This post is not about the details of my eyes, but how I dealt it…

Several months ago, I had to have my eyes checked, particularly one of my eyes that was causing me problems. There was a little concern and I had to keep it monitored.

A month ago, that one particular eye all of a sudden became an issue, I was having a difficult time seeing (blur!) and it scared the heck out of me because it was almost instantaneous.

So when it came to my photography, I had to adjust for the blurriness, including the stain on the other eye.  See (no pun intended), when taking pictures, it was completely blurring for me.  I couldn’t see the focused image in the view finder, it was very frustrating to say the least.

So I’d look for shapes, composition, lighting….and hope the camera’s autofocus would do its job for me.  

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blind, I can see, I just had to work around the blurriness of it.   Heck, I know what a stop sign looks like, and I know what a kid looks like as he runs across the street….well, I’m guessing he looks scared, but why focus on the negatives, 😉   

ps. It’s all good,  eye was checked…just became weaker and will be monitored. 🙂  


OCJ – PHOTOGRAPHY: Created just for you!

OCJ – PHOTOGRAPHY: Created just for you!

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I Wasn’t going to Share this…

I Wasn’t going to Share this…

For Personal Reasons,
– I wasn’t going to publicly share this –

However, I feel I have to share a portion of it to further prove a point…

(While out on my kayaking adventure…)

Having just kayaked the morning, we pulled up on a beach with a restaurant. Waiting for our food to be served… all of a sudden, a gentleman collapsed to the ground from a massive heart attack.  Another gentleman and I immediately jumped in and performed CPR.  He didn’t survive, leaving behind his screaming and very distraught wife.

So here’s the thing…

One minute I’m paddling and enjoying life’s experiences, watching the dolphins play, stingrays flying underwater, paddling through fields of jellyfish, and seeing many new things I’ve never experienced.

Within an instance… and at the opposite end of the spectrum
… a life ended.

This unfortunate incident further proves my point.  It’s important to realize that you (me) were never promised tomorrow, let alone 5 minutes from now, so while you can, please go out and enjoy the time you do have.

This was a very harsh reminder of “Why I do what I do
& Live for today, because you were never promised tomorrow.

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