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Rattlesnakes indigenous to Canada?! Cool!

Rattlesnakes indigenous to Canada?! Cool!

Savona BC – When I pulled over into a rest stop in Savona BC, this was the picturesque view…

However, off to the side, it came with a warning sign, “Rattlesnakes in the Area.”, watch your step, etc…Rattlesnakes in Canada?!  Cool, I had to go looking because I had no idea or I had completed missed that particular class in school years ago.  I went looking, but no luck. 

When I did a little research, Canada has the 3 types of rattlesnake: the western rattlesnake in arid western grasslands, the timber rattlesnake and the massasauga rattlesnake in southern Ontario.  Cool!  

No rattlesnakes, just this beautiful view in Savona BC

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