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Birds Hill Park – Manitoba

Birds Hill Park – Manitoba

A photo journal of what I had come cross during one of my early morning walks.  

It took place on a sunny cool winter morning through the Cedar Bog Trail & Chickadee Trail, located in Birds Hill MB.  Each trail takes approx. 1 hour to complete.

Idea for Families / Kids – during the spring / summer, pack a Microscope in your backpack and  scoop up a couple drops of bog water.   Have a look at the amazing little creatures & plant life under the microscope!  

Winter Wonderland: Absolutely Gorgeous!

Winter Wonderland: Absolutely Gorgeous!

This was such a beautiful area, I had to return!

Part 1 – Meanwhile, back in the Peacefulness of a Winter Wonderland…

Part 2 – Winter Wonderland: Absolutely Gorgeous!

The snow had fallen over night and I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed to check out Campbell Valley Park again…

Campbell Valley Regional Park is located in southern Langley, BC and has 29km of trails! No, you don’t have to do the full 29km, there are shorter routes that average about 4km per round trip.

At one point, as I stepped out of a trail and into a clearing, I was suddenly standing back-in-time !  Did you know there is a Hidden 1960’s / 70’s NASCAR Race Track in Campbell Valley Regional Park?  Its hidden by the forrest! The only way to get to it is through the hiking trails. Very Cool! (sorry, no photo’s of it, but be sure to go check it out yourself!).

Besides the winter beauty of this area, its a very common place to do some bird watching, picnicking, and just enjoying nature along the easy to follow trails.

PS. The birds are pretty friendly too!  

Definitely a worthwhile outing to take your family, and bring a camera! 


Through my own actions I hope to inspire & encourage others to get out, explore and discover the beauty that is all around.
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Cascade Falls & Suspension Bridge – Mission, BC

Cascade Falls & Suspension Bridge – Mission, BC

Cascade Falls Regional Park is located near Mission, BC

……and I had it all to myself!  Loved it!

IMG_0784aFrom the parking lot, its a short but steep climb up a hill which does have a few wooden stairs and walkway towards the suspension bridge, where you get a great view of Cascade Falls.     

***More Photos! – A Visual Experience

Whaaat? I didn’t know….(or did I)

Whaaat? I didn’t know….(or did I)

When out for a quad ride it’s always a good idea to have a 2nd person come along.

My friend George had never being quading and was dying to go.  We managed to swindle…err…convince another friend to let George borrow his quad.

So there we are at the trail, I informed George should he need to get my attention just honk the horn. With his helmet on he gave me the thumbs. Since this was Georges first time, I only wanted to introduce him to the trails that would not get him killed…I would have to wait for next time.

Throughout the day, I would periodically look behind me to ensure George was still ok and following.

At one point he had slowed down to manoeuvre around fallen trees and dried out mud holes. I figured he would catch-up… I was wrong.

Instead of going straight, George had thought I had turned left at the next trail… he was wrong.

When I realized George was no longer behind me, I turned around and waited for him at the turn off.  I sat on my quad with the engine turned off and my helmet removed in order to hear his quad.

Somewhere on the trail George was still driving but couldn’t seem to catch-up, so he decided to honk the horn….that’s when he realized… there was no horn!

The red button he pushed….that was the kill switch.  The quad came to a rolling stop and poor George panicked thinking he just broke the quad. He sat on the quad with his helmet off, hoping to hear my quad coming to the rescue…he was wrong again.

George finally figured out the kill switch and made his way back and snickered, “You knew there was no horn, didn’t you?”.

Giving him a half cracked smile, “Whaaat? I didn’t know.”.

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