Teapot Hill – I love stuff like this!

Teapot Hill – I love stuff like this!

Located in Cultus Lake Provincial Park, near Chiliwack BC.

IMG_1527aBack in the 1940’s, a logger stumbled across a teapot on the hilltop,
hence the name – Teapot Hill.  

Over the years, visitors have been leaving teapots along the trail for others to find and it’s become kind of a game to stumble upon and count how many you’ve come across during your hike.  Bring your camera with a zoom lens, some of the teapots can be a little out of reach.

I love the fact that something as simple as a teapot can have a positive & collective effect on strangers who will never meet, but yet share the same fun experiences.  

Check out more teapots that I came across, along with the area scenery
 A Visual Experience

Teapot Hill MapAlthough, according to the local area websites, this is classified as an Easy Trail to hike and only being a 5k round trip….what they fail to mention is that the first part of the hike is steep.  No, you won’t lose your footing because the trail is for the most part relatively flat…..uphill.  However, you will be getting a good leg & butt workout!  

It was humorous to see people taking a break from the steepness by actually walking up the hill… backwards.  At one point I joined in on this ritual too. 😉 

IMG_1497aThe first thing I stumbled upon… my own two feet…ugh… lost my footing climbing over a log by a waterfall and almost buried my face in this little guy.  

On a more serious note…..

As with any activity that involves nature, there have been some issues popping up, resulting in local authorities removing any teapots they come across.

Visitors have been going off trail hiding the teapots, causing new unmanageable trails, …and there are a lot! ……while hurting the growth of new floral. Some visitors have been climbing trees to hide their teapots, causing some damage to the trees.

This is a unique situation for a hill that was named after a teapot.  It’s history was made in the 1940’s. There’s tons of potential for this hill to remain a “win – win” for it’s locals, visitors, provincial park, and most importantly the plants & animals.    

Tread lightly and enjoy! 


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