That was an accomplishment!?

That was an accomplishment!?

Back in the day, we were given ribbons and certificates for accomplishments.

Not today’s kids, they don’t have to accomplish anything.  They only have to participate to get that ribbon or certificate.  It’s completely out of control. They get awards for everything.  It’s a huge mistake because you’re setting the kids up for failure in the future.

Kindergarten classes have a graduation ceremony.  Really? Building blocks and Play-doh was pretty intense this year? If you’re proud to see your kid graduate from kindergarten… how dumb was your kid?

Wouldn’t you feel totally stupid to mention your kindergarten diploma on a job application? And you would have to because let’s face it; your mom had tears of joy and was soooo proud of you at the time.  You don’t want to disappointment her.  Meanwhile your dad is sitting on the toilet reading the newspaper and thinking to himself, “dumbass”.

There you are at the job interview…“Well George, according to your application, it would appear you’re over qualified.”

Your dad is now snickering, “Being a smartass has finally caught up to you”
…and then he realizes…you’ll be living at home a lot longer, ”damn”.

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