That’s Life

That’s Life

It’s amazing what people find “attractive” or “stylish” when customizing their motorcycles. For example, the other day I was working on a motorcycle that had chrome dildo shaped handlebar grips. 

So there I was, bent over and working on this motorcycle. Not thinking what was above me because it had never been a problem in the past, I stood up pretty fast and cracked the top of my head on something metal and hard. I went down on one knee, my face was cringed in pain and with tears in my eyes, I looked up…..and there, staring back at me was the hard chrome dildo. 

Geez, I’m glad I didn’t have to go to the doctors or make a worker’s compensation claim….. “Guy knocks himself out with a dildo.” 

The next day, someone had placed a few condoms on my workbench with a note, “Protect your head next time, lol.”….. sigh, the ribbing begins.

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