The Dishwasher and the Generation Gap

The Dishwasher and the Generation Gap

The Generation Gap & the Learning Curve…

The generation gap between the elderly and the kids is out of control when it comes to the learning curve.  There is no learning curve, it’s flat-lined, and not even a little blip to suggest there’s life between the two.

According to some kids, “elderly” applies to everyone over 30…sigh. According to the elderly, “kid” applies to everyone under 30.  The rest of us shake our heads at both…

So there I am, sitting in the living room minding my own business. My kid was playing with his ipod in the kitchen, so I gave him a simple task of turning the dishwasher on.

After a few minutes I realized he had not tuned it on….

Me, “Hey, are you going to turn the dishwasher on for me?”

Son, “I’m trying to right now.”

Me, “Soooo what’s the problem?”

Son, “Nothing…”

Shaking my head, “Do you see the On button?”

Son, “Ya.”

Me, “That’s the app.”

The dishwasher turned on …. sigh.


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