The good ol’ days..*sigh…

The good ol’ days..*sigh…

I was in grade 2 at the time and throwing snowballs was never a good thing, especially prior to the government banning teachers from administrating the famous attitude adjuster…The Strap.

The day after it was banned was the day I had waited my entire life.

I lightly tossed a snowball at George.  SMACK!, right on the side of his head filling his ear with snow. It was the perfect shot!

He cried, ran and told the principal I had thrown it at the speed of sound because he didn’t hear it coming.  George was not the brightest grade 2 student. I had to apologize to George, which I did but didn’t mean it of course because…let’s face it, it was the perfect shot!

George and I left the principals office and attended to the gym.

We were on opposite teams and about to play the world’s bestest game ever….Murder Ball! aka: Dodge Ball !

This made total sense…I could now throw a ball the size of George’s head as hard & fast as I wanted. … Whaaat? It was the rules and I wasn’t about to break them  … I lightly tossed the ball in George’s direction…again

Later that evening, my dad “reminded” me the strap was not banned from our house.

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