The Key to Longevity!

The Key to Longevity!

It’s been right in front of us the whole time!
….and you have 2 options!

The Mystery….

A)    I came across an article about a “study” showing married people tend to have a longer life expectancy than people who are not married.

B)     When there is tragedy, we often hear about how young the person was and how he / she was such a great person.  The good ones always die so young.

The Key to Longevity:

Option 1. Married vs. Single – Married couples live longer because after being stuck with each other…and let’s face it, after 25yrs its no vacation… it becomes a competition to outlive each other.  Single people, there is no competition, so no sense sticking around forever….but they were much happier!  Want to live longer, get married.

Option 2. The good ones always die so young…. the opposite of good….yup, my ex is going to out live everyone.

Which category do you fall into?
Some of you fall into both categories, Married and Rotten!

Oh geez, my family thinks I’m rotten….

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