The loss of a great travel companion…

The loss of a great travel companion…

R.I.P. my friend…. “PETRIE”

Petrie passed away during the middle of the night on my chest…..

In my earlier posts I had mentioned my pet bird, Petrie.  He’s a well traveled little guy with a personality that has given me much joy and has put smiles on hundreds of people he has meet.

One of the strangest character traits I have ever seen…..

When it was time for me to go to bed, Petrie would crawl up and make himself comfortable on my neck.  This is where he would sleep.  I know!, weird bird!  If I were to flip over in the opposite direction, Petrie would rotate along my neck and continued sleeping.

In a few of the photos you see how much he loved being with me……he is sleeping on my neck with his wing on my chin, snuggling up.  The rest of the photos are a tribute to my great traveling companion.  Here are only a few…..

Good Bye My Friend
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