The photo that affected me…

The photo that affected me…

I really enjoy my early morning Sunday walks.  Its the time of the week that is most peaceful to be out exploring and enjoying the fresh air.  

Although I’ve been to this particular location once before (Harrison Hot Springs – Messin’ with Sasquatch), which at the time didn’t last very long because it was pouring rain, I had to check it out again.  

IMG_2863abIt was a beautiful morning and quite peaceful.  

However, when I returned home and looked through the photos I had captured, it was this particular photo that affected me.  

Without getting to emotionally deep on you, I see this photo as something I can only hope for in my life … Finding that one special woman, sitting on a little peaceful 2 person dock, holding hands, sharing a few laughs and growing old together

Anyway…. check out the photos I took that day,  A Visual Experience – “While you were sleeping” 


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