The Shadow Dances

The Shadow Dances

When I was quite young (7 -9yrs old), my younger brother and I had shared a bedroom.  While my brother had the bottom bunk, I had the top bunk.  Our bedroom also had 2 really neat old antique wall lights.

The Shadow DancesWhen bedtime came and the lights were turned off, we would look over at one particular wall light.  Behind the light shade, on the wall…… a leprechaun’s shadow would appear.  It was just the shadow of a leprechaun figure, not attached to anything that would have created it.  A slight shadow of the wall light was also casted on the wall, where the leprechaun shadow was standing on the shadow of the wall light’s base.

This shadow wouldn’t appear every night, but when it did, it would dance. Eventually it would disappear or I would fall asleep. 

I did mention it to my mom, but of course the shadow was never around for her to see.   Then one day our bedroom got a new paint job and the wall lights came down.  I never saw the shadow again.

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