The Storyteller – Bald Eagle talks up a storm!

The Storyteller – Bald Eagle talks up a storm!

Growing up and during my travels, I don’t recall ever seeing 2 eagles in the same vicinity. So when I happened upon a dozen of them, WOW! That was so cool!

A couple eagles flew overhead, one sat on the nearby tree. The rest of them were 60 feet from me along the shore.

This is George, a bald eagle with lots of character. He wouldn’t stop talking. It was the funniest thing because he was also very animated with his storytelling, while the others either ignored him or shook their heads as if to say, “Ya ya George, whatever.”

Once he realized I had been taking his picture, he posed for me (picture to the left) for a few seconds before he continued with his storytelling.

See More Photos of 
George and his buddies – A Visual Experience 

Whether they’re on the beach, up in a tree or soaring through the sky, they are a remarkable sight.  Bald Eagles in Port Hardy (Vancouver Island)  are a dime-a-dozen, which is so very cool and fascinating to observe.  

I’m pretty sure this is George.  He landed in a tree, only to be chased away by a much small bird, who was relentless too, lol, poor George.

(ps… George is not his real name, he was embarrassed to have been chased by a smaller bird so he asked me not to use his real name) 


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