They Stole the Halloween Song!

They Stole the Halloween Song!

“Here comes the bride”, was never meant to be a wedding song.  I’m pretty sure it was originally a Halloween song because it’s the only song that scares the crap out of us…guys….but not me. I was married once. I did eights years, I’m not scared of anything!

“Here comes the bride” …you might as well play the music from the movie Jaws. It’s practically the same.  As soon as it starts to play the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up, nowhere to run, waiting and waiting in anticipation for the death scene.  Jaws is lurking in the background ready to attack…. in a wedding dress. Geez ladies, that’s not very romantic. (see blog:  “That Sounded Life a Nerf Gun.)  The guys should have their own wedding song to dance down the isle.  I’d totally be awesome at picking the songs for weddings!

The church doors open and in comes George.  His wedding song kicks in, “The Dude Looks Like a Lady.”….oh crap, wrong CD! Maybe the congregation won’t notice. Clicking to the next song, the spectators are now in a full-blown fight because Jayson accidentally plays, “Billy-Jean is not my Lover”.  Geez, nothing like bringing up the past.

No worries!  I have a back-up plan!  I’d toss a couple quarters to the old guy cranking up a wooded music box with a monkey dancing off to the side,…out of the box pops-up a Jaws puppet …in a wedding dress.  George is screwed…

Ummm…hire me for your next wedding?

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