This one has me confused

This one has me confused


Out of all my photos, this one photo has the most hits / views by nearly 3.5 times as much as any of my other popular photos!

I’m a little confused and very fascinated … why this one?   

Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the fact that people are clicking onto my photos, but why does this one have over 3 times more hits than any other popular photo I’ve taken?  Its such a drastic jump in views that it has me scratching my head.    

A little more about this photo – it was taken at Port Haney Wharf in Maple Ridge BC, Feb 2016.  As I was standing there, it was the simplicity of the angles that caught my attention.

Thank-you for viewing my photos, hitting the “like”,
and please continue to share them with others!
I appreciate it!

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  1. It’s a gorgeous picture, just like everything you have taken. For me it’s the beginning of endless possibilities. And everything in between 😊

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