Three 13 year old Fishermen

Three 13 year old Fishermen

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Late last night, three 13 year old fishermen had walked onto the dock to begin their over night fishing expedition.  How awesome is that!  I love seeing people of all ages creating amazing memories and experiences like this.

These kids had caught their own bait in the shallows of the water and then were going to be camping over night so that they could go fishing before sunrise and then fry out up there catch on the bbq for morning breakfast. And that’s exactly what they did….

img_3225aI was impressed with several aspects of these young gents. Firstly, their manner caught me off guard. They were so polite and respectful. Their parents & community should be proud of these kids because its a rare quality to find among the youth. And it just wasn’t one of the three…it was all three. That’s impressive!

I was further impressed by their ability to work as a team without adult supervision, catch their own bait, breakfast and then bbq their own meals.

Due to their age, and without their parents consent, I didn’t want to take their photos. However, they definitely made a positive impression on this adventurer that will always be remembered.

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