The time of the Payphone period…A rare sight today

The time of the Payphone period…A rare sight today

There was a time when you’d see a public payphone on every street corner, gas station, and Mom & Pop Convenience Store. It brought back memories of a time when 25 cents was worth something.

When I came across this rare site in Cloverdale BC, I had to snicker because it brought up a lot of memories of being a teenager growing up in Winnipeg MB.

It was a time when friends would actually phone each other and have conversations, share stories and jokes. Ooooh don’t get me wrong, the conversations weren’t always intellectual because lets face it, we were teenagers at a time when we thought hairspray was a necessity, a condiment for your hair, but never the less we had conversations.

There were also times when you wanted privacy to chat on the phone with your friends and not have your parents listening … the payphone was the way to go about it. This involved putting your runners on, running out the house, head to the nearest payphone, deposit 25 cents… but, if you all of sudden forgot your friend’s phone number… sigh… back home you go.

If you couldn’t get ahold of your friends over the telephone, you’d walk, run, or ride your bike to their house. It was a time when daily exercise wasn’t really talked about because it was already part of everyday living of being a teenager without a cellphone.

On a side note, it was once believed that people watched too much tv and didn’t get outside often enough. What did society as a whole do to combat the so-called “laziness”?  They added more activities & work related jobs that require you to sit in front of a computer screen. Technology is absolutely amazing, but it has made our society super lazy.

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