Traveling with a Tin of Cookies – What could go wrong?

Traveling with a Tin of Cookies – What could go wrong?

First thing in the morning, packed and ready to go exploring!

Besides the essentials and having good healthy snacks for the ride, you gotta have a little something sweet or something not so healthy. It’s all part of the journey.

Well, a friend gave me a tin of cookies to take with me, but what she failed to do was give me instructions.  I suffered greatly that evening as a direct result of her negligence.  

Maybe if I knew ahead of time with good clear instructions, I wouldn’t have had to ask with a stomach ache, “How long should the tin have lasted?  Until bedtime, right?”.

Although she claimed to be in great shock and was horrified that I could do that, it was her gut busting laughter that made me think she wasn’t very sympathetic. Geez, it’s not as if I ate them in one sitting, I did have 10 hours to complete the task. 

Oh! And can you believe this, she even made a  grand assumption that if the tin had come with instructions, I would have only removed the instructions to get at the cookies anyway.  Geez… umm…..oh….umm ya, I got nothing for that one.  

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