Vancouver Zoo

Vancouver Zoo

IMG_2247aEstablished in 1970 – The Greater Vancouver Zoo

Although its not a large zoo, they do have a few activities that you might be interested in.  I highly recommend you check out their website and then schedule your visit around the activities.

It was amazing to hear the African Lion’s deep grumbling voice at feeding time because it was hard to pin-point where the sound were coming from!   Geez… I did not expect that at all and would have totally soiled my shorts if it wasn’t for the fence separating us!   It was erie and very cool!  Unfortunately there were too many people in my way to get a good enough photo, oh well, it happens.  However, I’m glad to have experienced something new!….and not soiling my shorts was a bonus too. 

Being a warm afternoon, most animals were having their afternoon siesta, hidden from view in shade, or facing in the opposite direction of my camera.

Sorry, not much more to report to my readers….just a few photos of my day you can
view at – A Visual Experience   

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