“…we can still be friends though…”

“…we can still be friends though…”

This is 4 year old Fabrice. Every couple hours he comes up to remind me we are best friends, which is cool because he accepts all my faults. 

Fabrice with his sweet innocent little voice, “You’re old but I still like you.”.   Geez, thanks kid.

At one point he was looking at me from across the room and then approached me with great concern…

Fabrice, “What’s wrong with your skin?”  
I panicked and looked at my arms.
Fabrice, “We don’t have the same skin.”

I had to explain to him that God ran out of some colors when I was born.

Fabrice checked my arms and his and then mine again, “Well, we can still be friends though.”

My age and the lack of skin color doesn’t hinder our friendship.  
Thanks kid for being a true friend!

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