World’s Largest Bunnock – “Game of Bones”

World’s Largest Bunnock – “Game of Bones”

Have you ever heard of Bunnock or perhaps the other name its referred to… The Game of Bones?

Well first, let me introduce you to the World’s Largest Bunnock…

…its Macklin Saskatchewan’s 32ft fibre glass horse anklebone Tourist Information Booth.

Bunnock or “Game of Bones” has been compared to bowling and curling, and is believed to have been created by Russian Soldiers to pass the time while stationed in Serbia during the 19th Century.

Two teams stand on opposite ends of the field and take turns trying to knock down each other’s row of bones. This is done by throwing more bones at the standing bones, and must be done in a specific order.

During the 20th Century, Russian & German immigrants who settled in Saskatchewan had introduced Bunnock to the community, where it became very popular in Macklin SK. This is where the annual World Bunnock Championships are held.

Check this out – Official Rules of Bunnock



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