You can’t run during midstream

You can’t run during midstream

First night …  

Don’t you just hate it when you wake up in the middle of the night and really, really have to go pee, but just outside there’s a bear walking around only a few feet away? sigh.. It was going to be a long night…. I knew I shouldn’t have drank so much water before bed….sigh

Thank-goodness the bear left sooner rather than later, I was relieved in more ways than one.

But when you’re standing there in the dark, all by yourself, every little noise is amplified and you can’t wait until you’re back in the van…. sigh…you start talking to yourself, “geez, how much water did I drink?”, “Come on, hurry up”, “Ugh, this is taking forever.” Noises coming from the forest, messing with your mind. And what you don’t see is a squirrel saying to another squirrel, “Watch this guy jump”, as he purposely lifts his foot up and then stomps on a twig, *SNAP!*, while you’re trying to pee, but you can’t run during mid-stream… you could, but the never ends well.

That morning, although I was still recovering from yesterday’s Attack of the Tin full of Cookies, I still managed to enjoy the cozy comforts of sleeping in the newly converted camper van.

With no time schedule to be any where, it was only 5:30am, but I still felt compelled to get out of the bed and start my day. It was only plus 3 degrees outside, my nose was frozen and I was dreading the next step of getting up…. putting on cold clothes. It’s funny, because no matter how fast you are jumping out of bed and racing to put your clothes on to keep warm, your clothes are still the same….cold! It’s like you’re trying to trick the cold into being warm because you’re so fast. Nope, not going to happen.

Looking around and making sure no bears where around, it was time to boil water for my tea. I’ve always enjoyed my morning cup of tea, and its more enjoyable when you can relax and take in the beauty of nature. That’s when I saw…. the squirrel ! He was back to torment me more, I just know it! But I gave him a stern look and shook my fist in his direction and he took off. I sure showed him. 

Morning View



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