You’re in for a treat this year…

You’re in for a treat this year…

The majority of people can’t wait for the New Year to start because it’s a time for fresh starts, new beginnings, and working towards new dreams… So when January 1st, 2012 arrived, it was like a gift.  A gift to start the new year with a relaxing day-off.
When Tuesday morning arrived, reality kicked in with the alarm screaming, “Get up!”.  I really gotta get a new alarm…ugh, time to head off to work and get back into the swing of things.
Driving to work, I was thinking of all the lucky people who are on holidays somewhere warm, or took a few days off to begin their new year and my drive to work was relaxing…and I had hit every green light for once.
Sitting at my desk sipping on my cup of tea and organizing my workload for the day…it had not hit me yet.  45min later I thought something was awfully strange…. and then it hit me!  Oh-oh…. checking the computer calendar….it wasn’t Tuesday!  It was Monday! Oh maaaan!  Since Jan 1st landed on the weekend, I automatically get the Monday off. “Seriously? This is how my New Year is starting?”  It’s only January 2nd and I knew right then and there… this will be one of those years…ugh.
It was still dark out and the sun was nowhere close to rising for the morning.  And like you, I’m thinking, “I should phone George to see what he’s up to”.  I figured George would be home… yup, I was right.  I don’t know what’s wrong with that guy because he asked, “Do you know what time it is!”.  Of course I do, duh, I was staring at clock on the wall. Two could play this game, I asked him, “Do you know what day it is today?”.
He sure was grumpy and if this was how his year was starting out….his year is going to suck.
An hour later I was back at home, wide a wake.. The sun was just beginning to rise.
Let’s break it down…
Jan 2nd – Monday…..It just had to be a Monday…geez this sucks
It’s a day off …. I show up to work….No one will every let me live this one down (and they haven’t)
And to top it off…I hit every red light on the drive home!….ugh.
If this is how my New Year is starting…and… the world is “suppose” to end on 20/12, (according to the nut jobs out there)….everything in between will be a comedy show for my readers….geez.
p.s.  Dear Nut-jobs, The Mayan calendar was created by a guy with an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder…the calendar stops at 20/12 because he died.

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